I am delighted to announce my Ninth Solo Exhibition on the virtual walls of HMVC Gallery New York. Exhibiting for the first time in this chic online gallery, Garden Inclosed showcases more than twenty pieces inspired by the simplicity of the verse: "He who invites, when I have been the guest and the pleasure of being filleth all in all, a fountain of gardens, a well of living waters".

Painted in an impressionistic style, with expressionist drawings sometimes. This eclectic style uses vibrant colors, light contrast, texture variations, and layers. Also, Braille texts are used to bring other viewers' senses into the act of appreciation.

My art is an ode to the feelings of a moment in time, usually in a natural environment, often including elements such as childhood, the sky, the ocean, and nature.

Organized by HMVC Gallery New York and curated by Heini Mika, this exhibition of 22 paintings is a selection of almost two years' worth of work selected to be part of exhibitions throughout the United States, mostly by internationally renowned curators. From Friday, June 7th until July 6th, 2024, it will be on view through the following link:

Solo Show by Arlet Gomez

"Intrepido arribista, desdibujando los estigmas del exodo. Incertidumbre del avistaminto en el seno de las cuspides. Vencida la borrasca, los valientes herederan el reino de las cumbres", said Indra Estrada-Vinajera, filmmaker, writer and curator in the poem "Exodo" from the publication "Cronicas de una manzanillera presente" XIV, inspired by this series of art pieces.